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Special Food

Special Food

Nowadays, air travel is essential and inevitable, which is a significant part of many people's life in society. The importance of the fact that mankind's health conditions are different at high altitudes has caused airlines to guarantee passengers' safety during air travel, abiding by special rules and principles. A big part of this responsibility is shouldered by catering experts, since not only can they reduce problems, but also bring joy and happiness for passengers through designing a proper food service. In addition to having a pleasant and appetizing look, a proper food service has to be in accordance with flight issues and passenger needs in terms of hygiene. However, in formulating and designing food services, there is a more expert part called predicting special diets.

Foods labeled "Special Diets" include:

Passengers of international flights can make their request for special diets at ticket sales offices or travel agencies issuing the ticket at least 48 hours prior to flight or while purchasing ticket. Furthermore, it should be noted that in the case of changing flight time listed in the ticket, you are supposed to report this issue to sales clerk or travel agency issuing the ticket to provide you with the special diet.

Special Diet Table for the passengers of Iran Air's international flights