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Cargo Exports Reservation

Cargo Reservation Unit is a division  of the Cargo Sales Department which does shipment reservations  for exports .It also obtains  necessary confirmations  to transport  transit shipments on domestic flights and also  Export, perishable, exhibition and laboratory goods, fruit,  hand- woven  carpets and so on. In regard to  the circumstances of certain routes and time limitations ,valued customers make sure that their shipments would be accepted and forwarded in time.

Contact Details for Iran Air Cargo Exports office

To have a direct contact with the above mentioned section in Tehran you may use one of the below lines and in other cities you may refer to Iran Air offices. The address for Iran Air’s cargo export office in IKA is as follows:

Cargo Exports Procedures

How to export our cargo abroad by Iran Air (Freight)

The steps to follow for cargo export: